INCA Internet

Security Analysis & Response Center (ISARC)


With top-level malware analysts, INCA Internet Security Analysis & Response Center(ISARC) provides fast and accurate response through 365 days by collecting 300,000 malware and virus patterns every year. Malware analysts at ISARC analyze the mechanisms and patterns of detected malwares and based on the analyzed information, improve the TACHYON security engine to prevent various cybercrimes and protect user information.

Collecting 300,000
malware patterns every year

365 day basis
quick response

Analyzing new,
variant malware

Regular and urgent security engine update

Providing secure


Analyzing 300,000 malware patterns every year

Monitor real-time security threats worldwide and collect 300,000 malware patterns every year. Not only contributes to TACHYON security products by precisely analyzing malware including virus, spyware and ransomware but provides information security service quickly and accurately by regularly sharing new and variant malware analysis information with users

Providing ransomware analysis and prevention reports.

Ransomware, which locks the system or encrypts data so that it cannot be used and demands for money from the hostage has been rapidly increasing recently due to various distribution and attack methods. ISARC will help you to keep your valuable data by sharing detailed information of new and variant ransomware, risks and prevention reports.

365-day basis quick response

Respond quickly to new and variant malware through 365 days of daily updates and on demand urgent updates. In addition, by applying TACHYON engine developed in-house along with international anti-virus engine, it detects local and international malware patterns quickly and accurately. ISARC supports regular and urgent engine update to quickly respond to detected malware.

Monthly malware trends

Malwares are increasing rapidly all over the world and the types and attack methods are becoming more various. ISARC is actively protecting against cyber-attacks by providing the latest malware trends. In order to comprehend the status of malware at a glance, the most detected malware names, types, the number of detections and comparisons to the previous month are provided monthly.