Security Begins with TACHYON


'TACHYON', a particle that moves faster than light, is a new INCA Internet anti-virus product. Taking its origin meaning, TACHYON is the new standard for anti-virus that detects and cleans malware with fast speed at a whole new level.

TACHYON secures and makes it easy to use various devices like PC and server. We provide customized solution for home and business environment. In the era of IoT, TACHYON will protect valuable assets.


The beginning of TACHYON goes back to 1996 when INCA Internet CEO Yongheum Joo first encountered a computer virus and decided to develop an anti-virus called 'TACHYON'. TACHYON opens the new era of anti-virus by detecting and cleaning new virus / malware with fast speed and fast update.

TACHYON will provide a safe environment by blocking DDos attacks and cyber crimes along with quick detection of new and emerging malwares like virus, worm, trojan horse virus, spyware, adware and ransomware.


With top security experts and malware analysts, TACHYON LAB collects 300,000 malware patterns every year. We provide real-time engine update and accurate response through 365 days of fast analysis. A top-tier anti-virus features are provided by collecting and analyzing threat data in real-time.

Public institutions and companies are choosing TACHYON for its advanced service like real-time response and monitoring management.

New Ransomware Information

Tracks spreading path of ransomware that is causing international damage and its behavior

Malware Pattern

Provides analysis of malware patterns over 300,000 like virus, worm, trojan horse virus, spyware, adware

365 Days of
Quick Response

Provides 365 days of engine updates through real-time analysis and quick respond with emergency updates

Staff of Anti-Virus

Research and development of anti-virus technology with the best anti-virus professionals

Latest Trend

Tracks and applies the latest security trend and new information from Operating System developers

Big Data-Based Response Strategy

Builds effective response strategies by detecting and analyzing signs of cyber attack with big data technology

Information Security Core Technology

Protection from emerging malware with TACHYON that is based on in-house core technology

Monthly Top 20

Provides monthly statistics like types and ratios of Top 20 malware causing damage

Certification Status

In order to provide trusted solution and service we passed strict security testing and standards to acquire certifications.

CC certification

The Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation (referred to as Common Criteria or CC) is an international standard (ISO/IEC 15408) for computer security certification..

Product Level Certification Date
TACHYON Total Security 3.0 EAL3 February 21th, 2019
TACHYON Endpoint Security 5.0 EAL3 June 18th, 2018

GS certification 1st grade (Korea Information Technology Association)

Certifies good quality software on the authority of the national certification as well as on the base of international standards - ISO/IEC 9126, 25041 and 25051.

Product Certification Number Certification Date
TACHYON Mobile Security 5.0 19-0029 January 06th, 2019
TACHYON White Security 5.0 18-0455 September 6th, 2018
TACHYON Patch Manager System 3.0 18-0055 January 22nd, 2018
TACHYON Policy Manager 3.0 18-0027 January 11th, 2018
TACHYON Endpoint Security 5.0 18-0026 January 11th, 2018
TACHYON Core Suite 1.0 18-0051 February 15th, 2016
TACHYON Malware Analysis Research System 1.0 18-0140 May 21st, 2015

VB100 (Virus Bulletin)

International anti-virus certification granted by Virus Bulletin. Only granted to anti-virus that detects 100% of malware samples with no false positives listed as 'In the Wild' by the WildList Organization.

ICSA labs Anti-Malware

International antivirus certification from ICSA Labs, an independent security testing and certification authority based in Verizon, USA. The malware samples Wildlist, Common Infectors, and Zoo malware must be detected, tested, and cleaned up 100% without false positives to be certified.


Security certification tested by the Westcoast lab, an independent testing laboratory of the British Center for Scientific Research. Along with ICSA Labs and VB100, it is a representative international security certification. Only a 100% successful diagnosis of various malware such as viruses, spyware, Trojans, and key-loggers without a single false positive is accepted.

OPSWAT Anti-Malware Platinum Certified

Platinum grade certification has been obtained in the anti-malware part of OPSWAT, a US malware detection company. This certification can only be obtained through compatibility with network security equipment, the ability to collect malicious data, and quality test.