Security Solution for Industrial System Management


TACHYON White Security is endpoint security solution for industrial system. It protects industrial devices such as POS, ATM machine and Kiosk from malware and cyber threat with Whitelist Software Startup Control feature allowing stable management on devices with limited resource.


SW Startup Control

  • Whitelist Software startup control
  • File encryption and damage prevention

Behavior-Based Detection

  • Protection against new and emerging malware
  • APT attack prevention


  • Detects and blocks suspicious ransomware program
  • File encryption and damage prevention

MBR Protection

  • Anti-hacking for MBR
  • Prevents PC start up fail and data damage


  • Prevents hacking with real-time network protection
  • Blocks un-authorized incoming traffic
  • Shared folder monitoring and access management
  • External protocol program detection and alert system
  • Un-authorized access detection and blocking through IP/Port

Device Control

  • Block removable media like USB drives and CD/DVD-ROMS from accessing the computer

Integrity Verification

  • Product module tampering / hacking verification


  • Product registry, file and process protection


  • Backup and restore of blocked software in startup control


  • Real-time, periodic and emergency product updates
  • Periodic product update through reservation setting
  • Auto and manual updates


  • Log data of product, SW startup control and etc.

Special Features


  • Minimizes administrative burden by automatically creating an execution control policy after checking system information when installing the product

Efficient Operation

  • Use minimum system resource to install and operate


  • GS certification 1st grade (Korea Information Technology Association)

Central Management

  • TACHYON central management function and single platform configuration and integrated management
  • Central management of endpoint security environment through functions such as monitoring, policy management, and log management of a product composed of a single platform

System Requirements

Operating System

  • Windows Embedded Standard 7
  • Windows Embedded POSReady 7
  • Windows Embedded Standard 2009
  • Windows Embedded POSReady 2009


  • Atom 1.8GHz or higher processor
  • RAM 1GB or more
  • HDD Minimum 1GB of available hard disk space

Supports multilingual

  • Supports Korean, English

※ General information on the operating systems supported by TACHYON products, and detailed versions are provided separately.

Precautions before use

  • 1 PC-1 Endpoint protection program is recommended for reliable operation of your PC.

  • Be sure to delete other Endpoint protection programs before installing the TACHYON product.

  • ※ If TACHYON products are installed together with other similar products, they may not work properly.

Usage guide

  • This product is a license product that needs to be purchased as much as the required computer quantity.

  • The right to use this product is provided upon purchase and can be used immediately after downloading and installing the program.

  • This product is used for one year, and you can receive the latest engine updates, upgrades, and technical support services.

Refunds guide

  • You will be fully refunded within 7 days from the date you purchase it.

  • Refunds are not possible after 7 days from the payment date in accordance with the "TACHYON Product Use Agreement".

User Interface

  • Main UI

  • Preferences

  • Quarantine

  • Log